MC2 and MC3 Toolholders

Flowdrill Toolholders use Collets with multiple prongs that totally encompass and clamp the Flowdrill tool. Flowdrill Toolholders are available with a #2 and #3 Morse Taper shank or a 20mm straight cylindrical shank to accommodate your machine specifications.

The Toolholder uses a specially designed aluminum Cooling Disc to dissipate heat that may ascend on the drilling column towards the motor assembly

  • MC2 is designed to be used with drill diameters 2.0 mm through 16.4 mm
  • MC3 can be used with drill diameters 2.0 mm through 50.8 mm

Key Set

A set of keys is provided to securely tighten and loosen the Collet Nut and includes:

  • An open end wrench
  • A spanner

Collets with multiple prongs totally encompass and clamp the Flowdrill tool. This optimum clamping system insures that the Flowdrill will not slip while rotating at the high speeds required in the process.

Collets size ER25 6 through 14 are for use with the Toolholder MC2

Collets size ER32 6 through 20 are for use with the Toolholder MC3



Lubricant for the Flowdrill

The specially designed Lubricant Paste provides the following:

  • Increases the lifetime of the Flowdrill tools
  • Improves the surface quality of the formed bush
  • Provides clean and well defined edges

Lubricant paste for manual applications is sold in 1Kg (2.2Lbs) or 1Lb containers

A special lubricant paste is available for Flowdrill applications in Aluminum

A special liquid lubricant is also available for automatic spraying applications


Lubricant for the Flowtap

Lubricant for the Flowtap was developed specifically for the Flowtap requirements and provides the following:

  • Reduces the torque loads
  • Improves the quality of the formed threads
  • Suitable for high alloy steels

Lubricant for the Flowtap is available in 1 liter containers