Our roll forming taps (Flowtaps) are made of high quality high-speed steel and can be ordered with lubrication grooves and coatings for special applications. The square shaft at the end is optimally designed to transfer the required torque to form the threads.

Flowtaps are available in

  • American Standards
  • Pipe Standard
  • Metric Standards

Lubrication grooves and special coatings are also available


Flowtapping is the perfect compliment to the Flowdrill process. Flowtapped threads produced by the Flowdrilling methods produce superior strength threads as compared to conventional methods. Formed threads avoid cutting the natural grain of the material. The compressed structure provides higher pull-out strength and torque specifications.



  • The chip-free process provides a clean environment

  • Higher forming speeds as compared to thread cutting

  • Creates a better surface quality

  • Greater tool lifetimes because thread formers are less susceptible to breaks

  • Increased pull out strength and torque of the formed threads as the process reforms the material in the bush without cutting into the natural grain structure of the material

  • Suitable for most tapping machines

  • Suitable for all materials that can be Flowdrilled