Motor Power and Speed

As with the Flowdrill process speed requirements are influenced by the hole diameter, material thickness, and the type of material.

Rotational speed requirements range from 200 to 1600 RPMs.
The torque requirements to Flowtap a 1/4” thread are the same, as a rule, as to Flowdrill a 1/4” hole. As the hole diameter increases, and the material strength increases, the torque requirements increase.


Reversible Motion

Reversible Motion to do Flowtap can be obtained with the use of a tapping head attachment if the equipment does not have reversible motion capabilities.

Hole Diameter

Hole Diameter recommendations for different sized Flowtapped threads are listed in tables in the Flowdrill’s User’s Manual. It may be necessary to experiment with different sizes for optimal results. It is important to note that hole diameters for formed threads are larger than for conventional cut threads.


Tool Installation

Equipment with suitable threading capabilities or a tapping head adaptor is recommended to ensure the required torque is applied for optimum results.


To optimize the quality and precision of the thread, lubrication needs to be applied prior to each Flowtap cycle. Lubrication can be done by hand or with automatic spraying systems.